Been awhile since I have posted anything on my little girlĀ Evelyn. At just over three years of age, she is doing GREAT. Here she is in a shot I took yesterday:



Ev came out of surgery about an hour ago, and she did indeed have some food blocking her esophagus. She is doing well and coming home shortly.

Dr. Baesl would like to repeat the barium swallow test in a few weeks; he is considering doing a dilation procedure to try to widen her lower esophagus, which is narrower than the upper portion. Although there is no stricture, he would do this to help keep another blockage like this from happening again, or at least try to lower the odds. Since Evelyn will continue to move into eating more and different types of solid food in the months ahead, then this would make perfect sense. Dr. Baesl will evaluate after the next barium swallow study.

Meanwhile, thanks so much for your prayers and kind notes–they have been very encouraging and meant a great deal to us!

Evelyn immediatly after the surgery, still asleep from the anesthesia. She woke after about five minutes, looking for food!

Okay, so we just did the barium test and there is evidently something lodged in Evelyn’s esophagus. So no strictures, which is great. She is going to the OR right now to get it out!!!